About Sincerity Farm

Spring Canola and bins small

Sincerity Farm is a family farm in North-West Tennessee focusing on raising high yields of quality white corn, soybeans, canola, and wheat with conservation and efficiency.  The farm includes around 2500 acres of row crops, plus acres in trees, grass, pasture, ponds, and other purposes, and includes land owned by the family for 110 years.  With this size and heritage in perspective the assumption should be that I care about the future of this land and my children’s ability to do well with it, even better.  If that is not the reader’s assumption, I hope this blog serves as a new insight into the hopes and cares of some modern row-crop farmers.  If I don’t take care of my land this year, it will be worse next year.  Some of the conservation that we practice is long term, well planned improvements, while other plans have to do mostly with one day’s decision that could have consequences lasting years.

The purpose of this blog is to show-and-tell a new generation how the old family farm has NOT sold out to giant, wasteful, reckless, corporate-profit, “factory farms,” rather it is preserved in gradually larger, more efficient, environmentally friendly, tech-savvy, still-family farms.

Conservation, on my farm, is not about minimal conformity to government guidelines, but about a sincere desire to be an acceptable steward of this good land that God has provided.  Ernest is the name of my father and of my great-grandfather who was the first of my family to own the Home Farm where I live and work.  It is in the spirit of their names that I carry on the tradition of being a husbandman with Sincerity Farm.

Clint Diggs is a full-time farmer, husband, father of six children, and farm partner with his father Ernie Diggs, managing every aspect of growing good crops conscientiously.