Chemical Drift Control

This week while my employee (and cousin), Jonathan, was spraying the burn-down application on a field going into corn, I noticed that the spray was not settling to the ground properly.  There are adjuvants to fix that and I had some on hand.  We had planed on using Justified if the wind was moderate or when near sensitive areas like yards or other crops, but that day we were all alone in the middle of some big fields with a 2-4 mph calm wind.  However, since the rows were so long he was traveling 15 mph and building up 50 psi which creates very small droplets like fog that hang in the air too long.  So I decided to see if Justified would help.

The difference in spraying with and without Justified is obvious in the pictures below.  There was such little wind that day the spray would just hang out over the surface of the ground until it either fell or evaporated.  I quickly added Justified to the tank and you can see the difference.  It is possible that I will get a better kill on the area with the deposition agent.

spray drift spray no drift

Spray tip selection is also important.  Spray parts manufacturers like TeeJet have guides like this to help me know their products and select the right one for the job.  I currently have and use six different tips for different applications and conditions.  That day I was using our most common tip, an Air Induction Extended Range or AIXR.  Air induction is how that tip creates unique bubble-like droplets to reduce drift without sacrificing much in leaf coverage.  Here is an article by Cornell University on air induction tips.

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  1. What a cool thing to know! I remember seeing the TeeJet company at the National Farm Machinery Show. Pretty great stuff!

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