List of Energy Conservation Practices

Energy Conservation Practices

Kids learning to drive on electric Gator
Kids learning to drive on electric Gator
  • Natural gas grain drying is minimized in favor of cheaper and more gentle natural air-drying with Intellifarms Bin Manager automated fan control systems which utilize moisture and temperature cables in grain bins and under floors, along with ambient air monitoring weather stations outside the bin to calculate when the most efficient drying times are present and needed. The fans, consequently, run fewer hours.
  • GSI Centrifugal Fans are purchased for all of our new grain bins because of their efficiency and quietness.
  • Minimizing field traffic with GPS and zero overlap uses less fuel.
  • In-field weather stations called Field Data Manager by Intellifarms are utilized with soil moisture probes to assist in applying the most efficient amount of water.
  • Weather stations at distant in-field locations minimize the need to travel many miles just to see if field conditions are appropriate for work or if the crop got rain.
  • Telemetry technology and cellular control of irrigation systems, like Field Commander VP by AgSense, eliminate the need to drive many miles every day to turn pivots on and off.
  • All electric and diesel motors on the farm are sized appropriately for the application.
  • We have a selection of John Deere tractors with various horsepower capacities so that we can only use the size tractor needed for each job.

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