Uneven application of Nitrogen cost me $16k last year!

Covington WRDVI Corn 8-24-16

This February, as I was reviewing last year’s field records in the office on cold winter days, I discovered curious lines in my fields on the WDRVI satellite imagery provided by a service which I started using last year.  FarmLogs is a cutting edge farm technology company that provides several unique services that I find valuable.  I took my family to Florida in December to attend a two day conference they hosted where I learned about the use of this imagery in discovering problems just like this, so I had an eye out for it.

After studying these lines and developing a preliminary conclusion, I called for a discussion with the FarmLogs agronomist, Tracy Blackmer.  The company produced a well documented story about helping me find the equipment problem that caused streaks in my fields last year that is very interesting. Read it on their company blog here.

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