List of Wildlife Conservation Practices

List of Wildlife Conservation Practices

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  • Bee hives are hosted seasonally on the edges of our fields.
  • Cautions are taken to avoid drift of chemicals into areas where bees are present.
  • Hay mowing is sometimes done from the inside of the field to the outside with a bar on the front of the tractor dragging chains through the grass to flush out critters to avoid chopping them up.
  • Borders around the fields are left in many places sown in grass as habitat.
  • Agents to deter deer from eating crops are not used.
  • Planned flooding of cropland for seasonal waterfowl is practised.
  • Native warm season grass plantings on some field borders as a project of the NRCS.
  • Plots of native flowering plants seeded for wild bees and other pollinators.

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A seventh generation farmer of good soils in Henry County Tennessee, I take seriously my responsibility to care for what has been entrusted to me for this life and to teach my children diligently.

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